Billy Eilish

tory time 🕛🕛 sisters 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️so basically I was in class listening to billie eilish ❤️❤️and my headphones got unplugged 😩😩 and it played bad guy out loud 🔊🔊


Pancakes are not sandwiches

Technically, no. Pancakes are not sandwiches and here’s why. First off why a sandwich is a mixture of ingredients which are made by hand. A pancake is different because it’s basically baked and made up of flour

The Duolingo owl is coming for me.

I’ve fled my hometown, changed my number and stolen a 2018 Ford Fiesta, but nothing seems to be working. I uninstalled the Duolingo app 5 days ago, but I still get the notifications demanding me to learn Spanish