Rick’s love for red heads

So we know from the Unity episode that Rick really likes red heads.

We also know that Jessica is a red-head. We all know the “That’s when I wore blue pants” comment that made many suspect Rick and Morty share more than just a few adventures.

We have a theoretical “Rick’s Wife” with blonde hair. Obviously, we can’t take that at face value because it’s in a false flashback. However, Beth is definitely a blonde. This got me thinking.

What if Morty’s constant failure to achieve a relationship with Jessica is mirroring Rick’s constant failure to achieve a stable relationship with Unity?

Here’s where things get really convincing. Rick has blue hair, but he probably didn’t always have blue hair, so I took the hex value color of Morty and found this.


Converted into letters that is H- E- D- I- P.

HEDIP. Is the “Health and Development of Displaced Populations.”

And I thought, who in Rick and Morty could this possibly be referring to? What population is obviously displaced… maybe foreigners doing illegal business outside their borders?

That’s right. The villains in Episode 3 of Season 3.

They refer to Rick as Solenya. Solenya is a Russian term for preserved foods, but specifically, a pickled food. I checked for references to Russian pickled foods and found that I could trace frequent references back to the city of Kursk. In the book Ivan’s war by Catherine Merridale, she notes how the city of Kursk is notable for preservation.

But wait, the villains were primarily speaking over the phone.

I checked phone numbers in the Kursk area and I found this range of numbers in the local directory. It contains the highest possible range of callers.

от +19200000000 до +19209999999

Obviously since our callers were coming from America we can remove the 1 for extention. Leaving us with a range of

9200000000 to 9209999999

Next, we have to account for the fact that Rick was killing guards in this episode while in an office. That means OSHA would need to be involved. The OSHA opperational safety standard for guarding machines is 1910.212.

Add that to the low end of our range and we get 9201910212.

But of course, Rick wasn’t just a pickle when he was killing, he was using a powerful weapon as well.

Well I checked, and the only part, small enough and powerful enough to convert an AA batter into a laser of that magnitude on the NSN electronics parts database is this.

I realized since Rick was manipulating them through the internet that I should only use the numbers necessary for an IP address.


However, we don’t add this to our previous number, since it wasn’t part of Rick’s assault, leaving us with

9201910212 and 011981523

If we put them together we get this number.


If we convert those to alphabetic characters we arrive at the inescapable conclusion that Rick, Jessica, Unity, and the entire Sanchez/Smith family are tied together through this one fact.



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