How dare you make such comments

How dare you make such comments .This is very much retarded and sick act.I don’t know whats your background and wont care to but I seriously doubt your upbringing and surrounding and don’t think its anything better than any roadside slum dweller or may be worst. This is very serious personal comments and for me you are the worst idiotic ratarded soul I have ever come across. I don’t know your social stature but cant think of anything more than a stray dog and its time for you to be caged like the municipal corporation catch hold of stray dogs. I dare you share your contact details if you have guts to, I would anyways will get that legally and by all means but its an open challenge.Well, I know Street dogs can’t be tamed by intellectual talks and will go on barking unless treated the way they should be treated.I could use more abusive language here which I very much feel I should have been because cases like you need to be dealt that way rather than these comments but again, one last time, I would ask you to remove this comment with immediate effect and I seriously mean it or deal with me in person if you have guts to..I will show you ,your family and whoever around you what is meant by real bashing and banging.


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