Boneless PIZZA

-Ya pizza what u want?

-lemme get uhhhhhhhhhh BONELESS pizza wit a 2 liter of coke

-fuk kind of pizza?? and 2 LITER MACHINE BROKE, we got 1 liter tho

-fuk u mean B? aight look lemme get that pizza BONELESS.

-uh? pizza dont got bone on it.

-tf did i just say then

-you said, lemme get it BONELESS like pizza got a dam bone in it.

-yall got bones in ya sht then


-so whats the problem

-D1CK HEAD name one pizza that got bone on it

-just dont put them shts in my pizza bruh how many times i gotta say it

-bruh just explain to me how the fuk pizza can be boneless?

-if it dont got bone in it iss BONELESS.

-son what school u go to

-dawg i don’t understand the problem just make my sht boneless Deadass

-Im deadass not making this pizza..


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