Rick and Morty is a idiot barometer

I’ll preface this post by saying I’ve never seen a full episode of Rick and Morty. I’ve seen clips online and honestly I don’t think it would be for me although I’d be perfectly happy to give it a chance should I find time to do so. I have no hatred for Rick and Morty fans in general; if you enjoy the show and want to talk about it then that’s good for you. With that being said, the inane motherfuckers that are filling every fucking discussion online with “PICKLE RIIIIIICK” don’t deserve to live. Having seen this crap fifty billion and fucking one times already, I decided to watch some clips of PICKLE RIIIIIIICK online and I can’t fathom why the fuck anyone would be so obssessed with it. The skit on its own isn’t particularly funny or clever and sure as shit doesn’t deserve to be shared in every fucking corner of the internet, without relevance or further substance. In fairness to PICKLE RIIIIICK, this isn’t the only instance of intelectually devoid retards doing everything they can to ruin some perhaps otherwise pleasant things. Bacon and nutella are other examples of things that have been so oversaturated online that I find myself taking slightly less fucking enjoyment indulging in now. Yes, you morons, we get it. Bacon and nutella taste great. Stop fucking mentioning it in every comment, video and eulogy to dead relatives. To paraphrase Maddox, I guess I have one thing to thank PICKLE RIIIIIICK for. It makes for a great idiot barometer.


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