My body is at a healthy temperature

2+2 = 4-1 = 3 accellerated mathematics Me and my friends spend a large amount of time on the block we also consume cannabis in a combustory manner I have observed your female companion in the public recreational area she is very prone to give people oral sex my automatic weapon makes duck like sounds which has caused people to jump for cover Please take caution assney because this man is armed with a pump action shotgun Please take caution my male because this man is armed with a flying recreational disk, otherwise known colloquially as a “frisbee” I walk across the road while playing loud music of the trap genre I translate large amounts of brand cereal, specifically “Cornflakes” or “Rice Krispies” Please take caution my female acquaintance Whitney. I exit the vehicle with a .44 caliber pistol while I count from 1-4 We are dormant within a hallway Your dad was born 44 years ago This, however, does not stop him from threatening me to a gentlemanly duel When you see him next, tell him that I will embed my fist deep within his lower jaw Someone stole my twix forcefully and it makes me very angry I am sad and people shake me Your female aqcuaintance is very much aware of my rather extensive stockpile of sauce sans ketchup exclusively sauce fresh and unripe sauce My automatic weapon makes sounds such as “skrra” “pa” “ka” “skipi” “yi” “turrr” “boom” “skya” “tutu” “coqouk” “poom” “boom” you are now done


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