I find the act of copulating with a minion incredibly erotic

Dude, I can totally understand where you’re coming from. Personally, I find the act of copulating with a minion incredibly erotic—I’d even go as far to say that it’s better than fucking yourself in the asshole with your massive bendy cock and then shooting a fat load into your own throat. Mmm, it’s making me hot just thinking about it~

Anyway, when it comes to fucking my own minion’s tight little asshole, I like to start off with a bit of foreplay. Foreplay for us consists of me slowly tracing the outline of his swampy ass with my finger before sucking hard on his fuzzy balls, this is usually enough to get his minion cock throbbing and rock hard. After playfully slapping his balls around and suckling on his gaping yellow asshole I always apply some lubricant to my massive hard pulsing dick, this signifies the end of foreplay (and the beginning of penetrative sex).

This is where things get juicy.

After finishing foreplay, I make sure to tease my minion as much as possible, I do this by gently pressing my cock up against his sweaty yellow boy pussy, this usually drives him crazy. After a few minutes of rubbing his dirty asshole with my massive pump station, I finally take my position and enter his soggy bumhole with a loud grunt. If you’ve never fucked a minion before, you have absolutely no idea how tight a minion’s asshole is, and how good it feels to be inside one. The first few sexual encounters I had with previous minions didn’t go out so well, as I kept cumming immediately after putting my dick inside them. Anyway, by now I had trained myself to not cum immediately after entering, but I still need to take things slowly to avoid blasting my load inside his soggy yellow bunghole.

At this point, I’m pumping away in his minion asshole with all my might. Both of us like to start things off slow and steady, speeding up just before we climax. As I’m the more dominant creature in the bedroom, I like to hold him down and control how much pleasure he feels, ideally he should always be on the brink of cumming, in a constant state of pure ecstasy. This is where I also take my opportunity to give my minion some dirty talk, phrases such as “Oh yeah, Daddy’s going to use his pump station to ruin your minion hole”, and “Oh, how deplorable, my little minion is being fucked in his tight ass” are commonly used, as well as others.

Eventually, the pleasure is too much for either of us to handle. I keep on hammering my minion’s ass, I’m aiming for orgasm now; Carefully pumping inside of his warm yellow arsehole, I make the proper adjustments so that we’ll both shoot our cum at the same time. This is a bit tedious, but it’s necessary and DEFINITELY worth it.

A few seconds later and I feel like I HAVE to shoot my load, we both grunt noisily while we shudder in each other’s embrace. My last few thrusts are rough and quick as the warm sensual feeling of an orgasm takes over my body.

“I’m gooingg to cumm!” I scream into my minion’s ears, causing his head to violently explode, splattering gore all over me as I still my cock and shoot thick streams of cum into his warm, moist deceased minion pussy. After several intense seconds of pleasure, my orgasm finally finishes and I’m left in a sticky mixture of cum, shit, and minion gore.

And that’s it, I move onto fucking the brains out of my next minion. God, minions are such a turn on.




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