yay edge

When you’re balls deep in your 13th Mongolian child sex slave and about to nut but then the KKK and the secret Nazi organization hack your computer and change the screen from your 34 terabytes of senior midget minecraft fidget spinner helium vape porn to the earrape version of blacks and jews being gassed, shot, and burned at the stake when all of a sudden the FBI burst through your door while an LBGT vegan feminism rally tears down your basement walls triggering all 48 of your Mongolian child sex slaves Vietnam war flashbacks causing them to grab all of the guns you were going to shoot up the school with and start firing everywhere as the emo muslim kid quietly whispers “allah akbar” and hangs himself while his bomb ticks down while you sit back in the wheelchair you stole from the vegetable you threw onto the highway with all of your corgis dressed in rompers as you respect women and crack open a cold one with the boys on a brisk saturday afternoon


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