Fortinte jams

The default dance is truly a masterpiece. Never, in all of history, has such an artistic masterpiece ever been created. The choreography is possibly the most beautiful sight ever beheld by the human eye. The sharp sound of the “SLAP” when the player’s hands collide perfectly with the beat of the song sends a bone chilling shiver down my spine, every single time I hear it. I find my self watching my in-game avatar performing this phenomenal dance ritual for hours on end. The beat of the song is without a doubt the most amazing musical composition in history, one to rival, if not surpass the complexity and beauty of Mozart’s classics. The default dance has truly revolutionized the future of music, and how artists should aspire to create. Some would describe the default dance as a meme, or just part of the game it is appearing in, however I would strongly disagree. These people simply do not understand that the default dance is the center of existence. The universe, science, and evolution are purely myths, as the default dance was the first life form to roam the Earth. Everything; human beings, nature, everything that defines this planet, has originated from ‘the building blocks of life’, the default dance


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