I will achieve my Victory Royale, once and for all.

I can remember it clearly, one month ago, Stacy told me that if I do the Fortnite default dance in front of her and her friends (including Chad) that she would go to prom with me the following night. I knew this was my chance, I studied, harder than ever before, not just the Fortnite default dance but all the Fortnite dances, and it didn’t end there, I studied so hard I become a dancing master. Grand Jete? a breeze. En Pointe? child’s play. Foutte? you better believe I can do that with perfect precision and flair. The day of my performance came, and I had no nerves. I was ready. I danced that dance harder than any dancer ever could, and when I finished, arms crossed and looking straight into her lovely eyes all I saw was deceit. She tricked me. Everyone was looking at me. Judging me. Laughing at me. I ran, yeah, but tomorrow, on the night of the prom they will see. They will see judgement like they’ve never seen before. Dad gave me this knife for a reason, and although he never told me why, now I know. I will enact my vengeance. I will achieve the Epic Victory Royale my bloodline has yearned for. Games, rise up!


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