Not subscribing to PewDiePie is unethical.

Not subscribing to PewDiePie is immoral, unethical, even.

PewDiePie is the living embodiment of a cultural shift that happened in the last 2 decades, he is a symbol of the possibilities the internet and the culture surrounding it brought to our society, someone who rose to the top on their own, without the intervention of big corporations, without the intervention of the mainstream media.

Whether or not you like his content doesn’t really matter, what matters is that you understand what his existence represents. PewDiePie as a star and a personality was created by the internet, for the internet. Forged by an enviroment where all kinds of culture can flourish with little to no direct influence from the mainstream media and companies. A place where all interactions are raw, unadulterated human nature, where trends, communities and the culture they partake in are all created by the love, the hatred, the passion, opinions and tastes of the people who coexist in this enviroment. A free place, a place where society can thrive without the manipulations of the bureaucratic world above.

But this slowly changed, as the internet grew in size and more people integrated it in their daily lives, it was a matter of time before it was infected with the plague that roamed the world outside. And infected it was.

It didn’t take long before corporations tried to sneak their way into this new culture, in this new untouched land of potential money and influence.

With television slowly losing its relevance as a form of entertainment to most younger demographics and newspapers becoming as obsolete as it gets, the media jumped on the bandwagon and slowly tried to regain its influence over society through the internet.

It took some time for the transition to happen, but it still happened. All platforms who were once places for this new culture to develop suddenly started to change, slowly but surely, the antithesis of the mainstream media became what it once sought to avoid, replace, or even destroy.

Youtube is one of the saddest victims. It was the face of this new culture, but now it is an empty husk, merely a soulless imitation of its former self, consumed by greed and infected by the will of corporations, it was violently forced into a more ad-friendly place. Taking away the source of income, the power, and later on; the voice of many creators who dared to speak up against Youtube and their disregard for the community that made it the titan it is now. They give influence to those who pander to the corporations with their clean, superproduced, non-controversial conten, then try to hide and depower the ones who don’t.

Twitter was one of the many places the media found where they could once again induce outrage and manipulate the masses through sensationalism and lies. And the now fully consumed and corrupted Twitter can no longer fight back, being just another puppet forced to exert the will of the mainstream media, stripped of what once made it special.

With all that said, let’s go back to PewDiePie Vs T-Series.

The 2nd most subscribed channel on youtube is T-Series, a multi-millionaire company that built an empire of their own by making content on multiple spheres of entertainment at the same time, producing astronomically high amounts of high-budget industrialized content.

PewDiePie, on the other hand, is a single man who gathered a world-wide fanbase with his charisma and everchanging content. A man who survived the storm and still stands as an icon of the internet’s power, how a culture of passion and expression, fueled by the very presence of those who enjoy and take part in it, can make a man known across the whole planet simply for being eccentric and expressing passion towards the culture we all learned to love.

PewDiePie, love him or hate him, is the avatar of our culture, a culture that is being slowly torn apart and consumed by the greed of those in power.

We can’t know for sure what are the long-term impacts on Youtube that will come with all the influence PewDiePie is being given, but this is beyond the point. The battle against T-Series is more than just a meme, it’s a symbolic war against those who are trying to bury the culture built by the people for the last 15 years. It’s about not letting corporations overcome the combined might of the internet, it’s about protecting our last bastion of culture on Youtube; It’s about making a statement in favor of the one person who can still hold his ground against the massive corporations and the media of lies and outrage.

Don’t let our culture of passion be erased and replaced by a culture of greed.

Do the right thing

Spread the word

*Subscribe to PewDiePie.*


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