Cling Peaches, man I fucking love peaches. Give me some Prunus persica any time any day. The sweet taste of the juice, the firm tenderness of the flesh, the soft textures feel of the skin. All come together to make the perfect fruit. If I could eat peaches for the rest of my life I probably wouldn’t because that would be boring but I’d definitely enjoy having at least a few peaches everyday. when I was younger James and The Giant Peach wasn’t just a story for me it was a life goal. Imagine living inside the thing you love – like when you’re a fetus in your mother’s womb. I don’t trust people that don’t like peaches, I had a friend once that didn’t like peaches. HAD. Sometimes at work I’ll just sit and think about how I wish I could eat a peach. Then I go home and eat a peach and get really happy, but only till it’s finished because then I’m sad again. Peaches are the fruit I’d choose if you ever asked me to choose a fruit. You know why? Because I fucking love peaches.

Watermelon is pretty dope too.


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