Spoilers for Avengers: Endgame

Everyone who has been killed by the infinity stones would come back to life. The usual noises of New York would be heard, when suddenly, the battle cry “Pizza Time.” would echo through the city. Pizza Time Spooderman would swing through the streets, eating a whole sheet pizza through his mask in a complete fuck-you to logic. He’d land on a rooftop, feeling hungry. He’d pull a table out of nowhere and place 72 domino’s large 1 topping pizzas on it. He’d start to eat when all of a sudden, Thanos would come and destroy it

Thanos:”I’m sorry little one, but I will have pizza time for myself.”

Thanos would dab on Spooderman, severely weakening him Spooderman:”oof”

Thanos would be starting to finish him when all off a sudden, bright golden hair would fly out of Spooderman’s mask. He had gone super saiyan, and would be filled with rage.

Spooderman:”You shall pay for attempting to take pizza time away from me thot.”

He would yeet on Thanos, bringing him to near death

Thanos:”Not if I say the n-word, I won’t.”

Spooderman would gasp

Spooderman:”You wouldn’t do it, you don’t have the stones…”

Thanos:”You should have aimed for the head. I’m gonna say the n-word now”

Spooderman:”aight bet.”


Half of the universe’s pizza would explode before him, and all that was left would be pineapple pizza. Spooderman would fall to his knees

Spooderman:“You monster, how could you do this?”

Thanos:”It is time to finish you.”

High pitched music would play in the background

Spooderman:”You’ve ruined pizza time forever…”

Suddenly, the ultra instinct theme would start to play, and white hair would eject from Spooderman’s skull

Spooderman:”I’m gonna say the n-word back.”

Thanos:”No, you couldn’t possibly do it! You’ll destroy everything!”

Spooderman would power up immensely


Thanos would start to turn to dust

Thanos:”I don’t feel so good…”

Thanos would fade away. The entire universe would implode on itself 420,690,123 times within a millisecond, leaving no trace of life

And that is how Avenger’s Endgame will end.


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