Navy seal copypasta but translated to many languages and back to english

How are you, bastard? After the sea, he was involved in a secret attack against Al-Quaeda, more than 300 murders. I am very familiar with guerrilla warfare and I am the best shooter in the entire US military. You have nothing to give me and another sign. I will test you with no precision and direct it to my bad words. Do you think you can connect with me via the Internet? Damn, I deleted it. As I said, I contacted a secret network of American spies. Intellectual property has been found to provide a storm. The storm removes the little things you call life. You’re dead, it’s a baby. You can kill yourself anywhere in any of 700 different ways. Empty If we have extensive training in combat management, he will not be able to enter the Marine Corps warehouse in the United States of America, but he is available as far away as the continent. If your little “smart” comment is illegal, you can ask for your language. But you can not, you can not do it. Now you have to pay. You are a stupid baby. I am angry at you and fall here. You’re dead, kit.


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