We Are Number One.

What is We are Number one about?

That’s something a lot of people ask. It seems to be just a Lazy Town song, right? A Song with infinite meanings etc.

But that’s not what the song is about. Your reality in the song we are number one is utterly terrifying if seen from the right angle. I feel like im in an infinite world , all alone. You have nothing but yourself. Robbie Rotten tried to find someone to accompany him in his adventures. But he found out that you are never going to find another person in this lonely desolate world. He fends for himself against Stephanie, Sportacus and the rest of brutal gang. They really are more horrible than anything you’ve ever faced. He is all alone in the dark at night, he has no one. All he ever wanted was friends. You cannot be attached to anything in the Lazy Town. You are completely by yourself forever. And there’s nothing you can do about it. You just fend off Stephanie, Sportacus until an inevitable death.

What I think is that Stefán Karl Stefánsson , the character in Lazy Town , is in purgatory in this song. Purgatory for your sins. He loses over and OVER and OVER again and yet he tries agian. In the end in this world you just get ………nothing. But You still live everything the same way every day. You are stuck in an infinite loop.

And i feel like the most terrifying part about this is,

T H E R E ‘ S N O T H I N G Y O U C A N D O A B O U T I T.

You can try and change your life, but when do you know you’ve really changed.


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