The U.S. is the best sports country in the world

The U.S. is the best sports country in the world. The U.S. is the best at gridiron football (some of the best athletes in the world, most complicated sport besides baseball), baseball, basketball (world’s second most popular sport, best athletes in the world), racquetball, lacrosse, track and field, swimming, tennis (not right now, but all time most majors won and most Davis and Fed cups won), golf, boxing, beach volleyball, figure skating, snowboarding, skiing, diving, shooting etc and the U.S. is top 2-5 all time in wrestling, gymnastics, rowing, sailing, weightlifting, cycling, speed skating, alpine skiing taekwondo, volleyball, ice hockey etc. Also the US has won more than double the amount of gold and overall Olympic medals than the number 2 country in terms of medals, and even with: (1) the U.S. being limited in the amount of athletes it can send to the Olympics. Every Olympics, many Americans who are qualified to compete in the Olympics can’t compete because there is a quota limiting the amount of athletes a country can send. If these athletes were from a small country, they would be competing at the Olympics. In 2012, Britain, because they were the host, was able to have more athletes competing than any other nation, yet the U.S .destroyed them in amount of gold and overall medal won. And remember per capita anyway makes it impossible for bigger countries because if say new zealand won 3-4 gold medals, it would be impossible for the U.S. or China to win as many gold medals per capita, and then you add the massive number of athletes restriction placed on the US and other countries, but mainly the US. (2) the vast majority of the best American athletes don’t play Olympic sports, so this American domination even with the number quota is not even close to the best athletes the US has to offer. Even in soccer (my favorite sport), which has been the biggest sport in Europe since the late 1800s and unfortunately was almost non existent in the U.S. until the 1990s, and is still only the 5th most popular sport in the U.S., with the U.S. having hardly any good academies and no soccer culture, and as a result, soccer players aren’t taught the proper way to play (with skill and technique instead of just athleticism), the U.S. is still one of only 8 nations in the whole world to have made the round of 16 in 3 of the last 4 world cups, and in the last world cup made it farther than Croatia, Portugal, Spain, England and Italy. Even in rugby, a sport that most Americans don’t even know about, much less the rules or actually play it, the U.S. consistently qualifies for the Rugby world cup. This either furthers the point that the U.S. punches well above its weight in sports we aren’t into, or it proves that rugby is not as popular a sport as some make it out to be, if a country that where most people don’t know about the sport or its rules is consistently among the top 15-20 nations in that sport. If someone were to pick 10 sports that all countries started playing at the same time and took equally seriously, the U.S. would be the most successful in all 10 sports. I’m not talking about per capita, because its impossible for bigger countries to win the made up and irrelevant topic of per capita. In terms of pure accomplishments the U.S. is by far the number 1 sports country. Per capita Uruguay and the Netherlands are the best overall soccer nations, but people refer to Brazil, Germany and Italy when they talk about the best soccer nations in history: its nice to be the best per capita, but who actually wins the most is what defines which country is the best. So the U.S. is by far the best sports country in the world.


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