Thanos’ penis size

Realistically, how large is Thanos’s penis? Would it scale to the size of the average human’s? Because if we take the average penis length of United States males (5.8 inches) times Thanos’s height (eight feet, according to Marvel) divided by the average height a United States male (five feet nine inches. Nice) we get a disappointing eight inches, and honestly? That doesn’t seem right. A powerful being like Thanos to have the size of your average dildo? Pathetic. If I’d had to wager a guess, I’d say it’s a foot long at the very least, although he could probably enlarge it with the Gauntlet. I’d imagine that if Thanos were to bang an Earth woman, the size of his penis and force of the pounding would literally kill her. Also, would the head of his dangly be the same color as his skin, or would it be a darker purple? Are his balls cracked the same was his chin is? I’ve been wondering these questions and more since I saw the movie, and have not been free of them since.


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