How many Jesuses have you eaten?

So yesterday my friends and I decided to calculate how many church communions you had to take part in to eat a whole Jesus and the results were great:

A grown man has around 6 liters of blood, and one sip/dip of wine is roughly a teaspoon. One teaspoon is 5ml.

6000ml / 5ml = 1200 sips of wine.

We estimated that Jesus weighed in at around 56 kilos, because people were generally pretty small and malnourished back in the day. One litre of blood = 1 kilo, so we subtracted 6 kilos from Jesus, making him weigh 50 kilos.

I have no fucking clue what a communion wafer weighs, because I’m not a super active church member and I can’t find any info online for some reason, so I guessed that they weigh around 5 grams each. Maybe this means that we have huge wafers now. Sorry, Jesus.

Anyway, as Jesus weighs around 50 kilos, this means that 50 000g / 5g = 10 000 (possibly huge) communion wafers.

I think I’ve been to roughly 30 communion services in my life, which isn’t a lot, so I’ve only had 150 grams of Jesus’ body and 1,5 deciliters of Jesus’ blood.

If I become an active member, I will soon absorb his power.


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