real Endgame Spoiler, click at your own risk.

So after the events of infinity war Thanos returned to his 'garden', that place that was visible in infinity war when he described what he'd do after he finished his work. The remaining Avengers decide to get revenge and take the fight to him. What t


Noobmaster69 copypasta

Noobmaster, hey it’s Thor again. You know, the god of thunder? Listen buddy, if you don’t log off this game immediately I will fly over to your house, and come down to that basement you’re hiding in and rip off your arms and shove them up your butt!

Endgame discussion

So yeah, the film was bad. Did you like it? I honestly like part when Ant-Man goes up Thanos ass and Thanos shrinks and kills Antman. But the ending was awful. I understand that this is the only one creature that can defeat Thanos, but c'mon, Shrek j

Why I give endgame 1/10

I just saw endgame, and it was pretty good, but there were a few weird things. I thought it was strange how the Russo Brothers decided to render Thanos’ erect penis in such vivid detail. The veins were so perfectly done I couldn’t even tell his cock


I've been very careful to avoid spoilers for the past week, and once Avengers: Endgame finally released in America I decided to watch the long-awaited movie. I merrily walked in expecting a quick in and out experience. Nope. I sat through over 3 hour