Dr. Seuss writes erotica

Tina and Ted got into their bed, Said Ted to Tina "It's time for some head." "Head in the bed?" is what Tina said, "Before we're both dead," is what Ted next said. So Tina did suck and Tina did lick, And into her palm then Tina did spit, She polishe


daddy cum copy pasta number 42069

daddies 🧔🏽 cummies 🍆💦 are so yummy 🤤 thick 🍑 and sweet 😘 and taste 😝 like honey 🍯 when my daddy 🧔🏽 says he’s cumming🍆 and then the semen 💦💦 begins running 🏃‍♂️💦💦 i take his cock 🐓 in my mouth 👅 swirl ➰ it around like a roundabout 🚙 🚗 swa

For every upvote i get, I type “shit” in a different language

Shit Merde חרא மலம் මිනිහෙක් kak mut բլիթ bok বিষ্ঠা kaka дзярмо sranje лайна merda 拉屎 hovno lort stront fek sitt paska Scheisse σκατά છી kūkā मल szar skít kotoran cac たわごとtaek ಶಿಟ್ қоқыс លាមក 똥 şit какая stercore sūdi šūdas Scheiss срање diky kotora

I can’t stop having sex with Instant Ramen Noodles

Yeah, you 👈 read 📘 that 😐 right. 👌 I 👁 can't 🚫 stop 🚫 having 👬 sex 🍆 with 👏 Instant Ramen 🍜 Noodles. 💯 It's 🕛 really 😍 fucked 😩 up 🔺 to 💦 be 🐝 completely 😡 honest, 😇 and 👏 it 💯 all 💯 started 💢 when 🍑 my 👨 boyfriend 👬 suggested we 👥 start 🔘 experiment

Men That Masturbate are pathetic

To masturbate as a man is to admit you 1) have no access to pussy and 2) have no impulse control. If it's 1) it means you are a weak man and lack the resources to attract a woman. If it's 2) you are barely above an insect operating on base

Hardcore endgame spoilers

At the beginning of the movie, Antman strips completely and gives his suit to thanos, who then grows to a massive size, and rips antman’s suit, exposing his naked body. The avengers then unite and for 2 and a half hours start rimming thanos’s greasy